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Emo Phillips, I’m a great lover, I bet

Oh, women. You can’t live with ’em, and you can’t get ’em to dress up in a skimpy little Nazi costume and beat you with a warm squash or something. I’m quite handy with the ladies.

Remember Daaave’s Sunday night comedy show on Contact FM? The first time I looked for Emo Phillips on Spotify, someone with a genius for longtail SEO produced the only result. But no longer!

Miss June, Twitch

I don’t like the colour of your insides, but I’ll do my best not to make it worse

Hopefully by the time you read this you’ll already have the LP. I discovered Miss June when they played the last Future City Festival that I went to. They would have owned the whole bill if it hadn’t been headlined by The Datsuns. If there’s been a better song about surgery written by someone who’s actually performed surgery, then I’m all ears.

Rodriguez, I Wonder

I wonder how many times you’ve had sex

Bassline is a total earworm. Song designed for singalongs (except for the lines where he wrote in one too many syllables). Have you seen the movie? If you haven’t seen the movie, I can’t tell you how he died.

Fuck-off Machete, Copper and Lead Fight

As I walked away from ya, remember how good we used to be
Also known as FO Machete.

I have a knack for discovering wonderful Scottish indie bands years after they break up (see also: Life Without Buildings). If I ever get a time-and-also-travel-to-Scotland machine…

Spotify has only their last EP, but a few other things are floating around online. Seems there are some releases that aren’t on the internet at all. So that’s obviously not something that I’ll obsess over for ages or anything.

How good is the drumming in the last half-minute or so? The studio version of this track sounds even more like Sonic Youth, if that’s possible.

Jerk-Off – Tool

Shoot! You! In! The! Fuckin! Head!

Included mainly because you should listen to more Tool, and there’s no way that Jerk-Off qualifies as “too smart” or whatever else you accuse them of being. It’s about killing someone for being an asshole. Released nine years before their astronomy-and-Fibonacci inspired period.

Be Yr Mama – Sleater-Kinney

…but I’m not going to…

Second track in a row to throw back to a time before the band started thinking too hard. How badly underrated were Sleater-Kinney? And what’s with the new album?

Fuck-off Machete, Teenage Spaceship

People thought the windows were stars!

Gotta give credit for the absolute gear change from Copper and Lead Fight. And for the bliss-out beauty of this whole piece.

Thunderbitch, Let Me Do What I Do Best

Just let me do what I do best! ROCK! And roll!

Image result for thunderbitch

Why, yes, Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes DOES have a rock n’ roll side project in which she wears ridiculous leather, rides motorcycles and paints herself (and sometimes her band) in whiteface. Why do you ask?

Fatty Gets a Stylist, Are You Ready?

Image result for eurovision zero gravity
Eurovision pole vault opera: Exactly good as you’d expect!

Have you trimmed your beard? Are your sandals shined? Do you look like a hipster messiah?

Silly pop from a side-project of the opera singer (honesty) who represented Aussie in Eurovision this year (yep), in which she sang while being flung around on the point of a stick (it was great). Anyway, this song isn’t that song. This song is a few years old. Nina wanted you to have it.

Epic Beard Men, Dave

Always like, ‘Hey, I knew your pops growin’ up / Looks like the fart doesn’t fall far from the butt / Tell your moms I said what up’

Included because you don’t listen to enough hip-hop, particularly middle-aged fat white guy hip-hop. Ripping on white trash seems very political when Americans do it these days, huh?

Dismemberment Plan, The Ice of Boston

And I take all my clothes off, take that bottle of champagne, and I pour it on my head, feel it cascade through my hair and across my chest, and the phone rings.
And it’s my mother.

Image result for dismemberment plan
Told you they were from the ’90s

This is from 1997 and I cannot for the life of me work out how that year’s crop of Contact DJs completely missed it. They robbed us of a good one here.

Wonderful band name. Probably looked really weird at the time, what with it being more than one word long, and all.

LIFE, Niceties

It’s not about ill health / Stop hating yourself

From an album released the day before your birthday, which proves that it’s good how I didn’t get this done too early. I discovered LIFE thanks to their buddies in IDLES. The capitals thing is probably not going to catch on beyond a very specific circle of bands though. I can’t be the only one getting Blood Vision-era Jay Reatard vibes from this.

Paper Cranes 折り鶴, Alive

Crawling out of the dark / Walking into the light

Bloody beautiful and seemingly so simple and deserving of so many more than the couple of thousand streams Spotify says it’s had so far. The whole album is wonderful. New Zealand husband and wife who put on an absolutely incredible show and won me over a couple of weeks ago. I dropped more at the merch table than the bar that night.

Image result for paper cranes band nz
Not the basement bar gig that I was at.

Allah-Las, Prazer Em Te Conhecer

[Something in Portuguese]

So now we know what would have happened if George Harrison was Portuguese. The purest throwback band around today. As far as I know, this is the first time they’ve switched from English. Gotta keep it fresh somehow when you’re musical template was laid down by people who are mostly dead now.

Kate Tempest, People’s Faces

My country’s coming apart / The whole thing’s becoming such a bumbling farce / Was that a pivotal, historical moment we just went stumbling past?

Included because you don’t listen to enough slam poetry or spoken word. Rick Rubin produced this album and, as usual, took someone who’d sounded pretty good before and made their best recording by a million miles. As usual, his trick was to take things away. Those little bits where she nearly starts singing get me every time. Tempest is a British treasure. I wonder if they know that? They keep nominating her for the Mercury Prize, so that’s a good sign.